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Proudest Dad of them all Pulpie says...

Abigail Justine Williams
Born: Oct. 10th, 2007 @ 1:06pm est.
8 lbs. 13 oz.
20 3/4" Long
Mom and Baby are perfectly healthy and happy.

I'll post more details later, this is the hurry post.

If you want pictures, scoot on over to my myspace page. Even if you don't have a myspace, you can look at my pictures.
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Proposal Pulpie says...

In case some of you hadn't heard, I'm getting married... again.

This time I made sure to embarass the hell out of my fiance when I popped the question. Here's a video of it. Special thanks to 2 of my great friends, Scott and Hutch, both of them WYFF News Channel 4 Cameramen. One helped run interference while they set up, and the other filmed it. Love you guys both to death. It added a special "OH MY FRIGGIN GOD" aspect of it when all of the sudden Amanda has a bright camera spotlight in her face as I'm suddely taking over the mic as previously planned out by me and the band (who happen to also be good friends of mine).

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Daft Pulpie v2.0 says...

Fan-damn-tastic!!! Thanks raieyana

They slowed down the song and she danced to the slowed down version, and then they played the song at its regular speed and sped up the playback from the camera. Fucking cool, if you ask me.

Here's the original slowed down version....

And in case you missed it, here's the other video set to this song I posted a couple of weeks ago....

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Older Brother Pulpie says...

Happy Birthday Benny. You would have been 24 today. I'm missed you so much over the last 4 years. I'm so sad you never got to be "Uncle Ben" to my daughter. I'm so sad you weren't here for mom's death. I'm just so sad in general and I miss you so damn much. I love you...

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Fratelli Pulpie says...

I recently went and bought the "Fratellis" CD. It's completely amazing, so I went looking on YouTube for stuff by them. While looking through YouTube, I found this video that is "jumpstylers" dancing to their song "Chelsea Dagger"... I've been watching it over and over again for a little over a week. Usually once a day I'll watch it 2 or 3 times... I don't know why...

FYI - Jumpstyle is a form of dance usually done at raves in Europe to techno or dance music. It involves constantly jumping and doing turns, kicks, and intricate moves... you'll see...


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